Hara Spa 

  • saline Jacuzzi  with waterfall , color therapy and music therapy
  • shower with chromotherapy and aromatherapy
  • turkish bath with aromatherapy and music therapy
  • relaxation area
  • heated bed of Himalayan salt
The Himalayan salt when heated emits a large number of negative ions and creates a situation of dry heat being able to penetrate to the deeper tissues .
If fact, strains, cramps , pain in the neck or back, the bed of Himalayan salt can be a great help in giving an immediate benefit to the sore area .
Important to its function haloterapia : breathe close to such a large amount of salt also brings benefits to the airways, which are purified and help in eliminating bacteria and viruses cause colds and bronchitis. It is only thanks to the perfect combination of the properties of salt and effectiveness of the pink Himalayan salt bed , which will finally be possible to try a natural feeling of well being and relaxation.

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